Beach Holidays, Beach destionations and Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka

Beach destination map of Sri Lanka kalpitipya Negombo Wadduwa Kalutara Bentota Induruwa Hikkaduwa Galle Mirissa Welligama Trangalle Ranna Arugambay Passikuda Trinkomalee Nilaweli

Sri Lanka has almost thirteen hundred kilometers of picture postcard style wide sandy beaches – where in one place the beach forms sheltered little cove, a sandy beach headland or a little bay, of all shapes sizes and colours. The more popular beaches are in the southwest of Sri Lanka, though little crowded, boast of two of the best snorkeling beaches, while other beaches in the deep South and east are waiting for you to revel in their remoteness, serenity and unspoilt beauty, and are ideal for a refreshing day in the sun.

In Sri Lanka beaches are ideal places for families and friends to meet and usually head to the beach on holidays, weekends, if only to gaze out at the sea. The natural noise of crashing waves, where you can walk leisurely along the beach at sunset, enjoy a game of cricket on the beach, laze in the sun or cast a rod and fish for night’s dinner. Whether it’s a lazy snorkel in crystal clear water or dive on a nearby reef, swim with a pod of friendly spinner dolphins in Kalpitiya, watch blue whales or dive onto a coral reef teaming with tropical fish marvelling at the explosion of colours hidden beneath the sea, or enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience with gentle but massive blue whale off the coast of Mirissa or cavort with friendly dolphins off Dondra head, Sri Lanka has it all.

Fishing is the widespread occupation of most folk living along the coastal belt of Sri Lanka thus many fishing villages are abound, also the use many different ways to catch fish. Most note worthy of mentioning is “stilt fishing” technique found in the southern coastal areas. The deep south and eastern coastal areas are still under developed as far as tourism is concerned, but has the best sceneries’ and also the best places to enjoy an authentic village lifestyle, in Sri Lanka. Once the sun dips over the horizon a whole new nocturnal world opens up for the visitor with the rhythmic moan of the Loris, the long continuous note of the cicada bringing a primeval ambience to life. Ideal time to walk along the beach to watch fisherman either returning with the days catch, or leaving on their daily work, or watch turtles beaching to lay eggs, four types of turtles frequent Sri Lankan waters, the turtles are protected by law in Sri Lanka and possessing items made from turtle carapace carries penalties, but you could support various turtle conservation projects or simply watch turtle in their natural habitat, or even get involved in releasing young ones to see and watch their mad scramble towards the breaking waves.

    POPULAR BEACH Holiday Destinations IN SRI LANKA

  • Arugam Bay Beach - Arugam Bay Beach Hotels - Beach Hotels in Arugam Bay

    Arugambay Beach

    Hailed as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, many events are held each year under the patronage of Sri Lanka Tourism Authority to promote this beach, the ones to watch are regional championships held each year in May – June.  Arugambay is located on southeast corner...

  • Bentota beach - Bentota Beach Hotels - Hotels in Bentota Beach

    Bentota Beach

    Bentota, a mere 45 minutes away from Colombo along the Southern express way, hails as a premier resort town with no less than 15 Star class Hotels clustered together plus numerous other less than 10 rooms boutique style hotels with Sun, surf and sand. This gives the visitor an ideal chance to stay in one and savour many different above water activities, Bentota has always been

  • Galle Beach - Hotels in Galle - Galle Beach Hotels - Beach hotels in Galle

    Galle Beach

    The first references of Galle port comes during King Solomons times which is believed to be “Tarish” in the Bible, and cinnamon has been the main export of Sri Lanka starting around 1400 years BC. Southern port of call for many ancient silk route bound ships, the Galle harbour or then known as

  • Hikkaduwa Beach Hotels - Beach Hotels in Hikkaduwa - hikkaduwa Beach - Hikkaduwa Hotels - Hotels in Hikkaduwa Beach

    Hikkaduwa Beach (Best for Surfing)

    In 1940, the Hikkaduwa Rocky Islets were declared sanctuaries and was limited to the land boundaries of these rocky islets. In 1998 it was upgraded to the status of a nature reserve and later to a national park. The famed...

  • Induruwa Beach Hotels - beach Hotels in Induruwa - Induruwa beach Hotels in Induruwa Beach - Beach Hotels in Induruwa

    Induruwa Beach

    Nestled along a small ravine in the west coast, was once a sleepy fishing village  today however it has turned into a major hotspot for tourists looking for white sandy beaches with perfect surf to relax in.

  • Kalpitiya Beach Hotels - Dolphin watching Beach Hotels in Kalpitiya - Kalpitiya Beach Hotels - Kalpitiya Hotels

    Kalpitiya Beach

    The Sinhalese chronicle Mahavamsa states that prince Vijaya landed in a place not too far from the present day Kalpitiya. A sandy headland which keeps the Kalpitiya lagoon sheltered from the Indian Ocean, the blue water with a calm surface beacons the kite surfers to try the breeze coming across the peninsular towards the land and enjoy a trouble free ride without the hassle of a sudden guest,

  • Beach Hotels in Kaluthara - Kaluthara Beach Hotels - Best Beach Hotesls in Kalutharas

    Kalutara Beach

    The city gets its name from the “Kaluganga” river which flows past famous “Gangathilake” Temple with a hollow “stupa” and adored inside with many paintings, sits on the former location of the Kalutara British fort. First mentioned in the 11th century

  • Mirissa Beach Hotels - Best Hotels in Mirissa - Mirissa Beach - beach Hotels in Mirissa - Beach Resorts in Mirissa

    Mirissa Beach

    The BBC documentary titled “Ocean Giants” featuring the mesmeric world of Whales and Dolphins, and the scientist’s effort to shed light on their habits and why they grow so large were filmed around Mirissa Sri Lanka and according to them 30 Blue Whales were sighted in a single day!

  • Negombo beach Hotels - Beach Hotels in Negombo - Negombo Hotels - Beach Resort and Hotels in Negombo - Negombo beach - beach Hotels in Negombo

    Negombo Beach

    Negombo, Situated six kilometres, a mere stones throwaway from the International airport of Sri Lanka, is a characteristic  predominantly  Christian fishing town with narrow streets and small boutiques and many a historic churches to visit and see, with its routes running back to the arrival of the Portuguese. Negombo is an ideal place to enjoy the traditional fishing methods of Sri Lanka, the out rigger canoe, the swifter catamaran and the lagoon famous for its promfret, lagoon crab & lobster during season.

  • Nilaveli Beach - Best Beach Hotels in Nilaveli - Nilaveli Beach Hotel - Beach Hotel in Nilaveli - Nilaveli beach Hotels

    Nilaweli Beach

    Is a stretch of beach which is situated approximately 16 kilometres North of Trincomalle, passing a thriving lagoon on either side and lush coconut palm groves and hordes of cattle, note that the people in the area are predominantly Hindu and consider the cows sacred. Arriving at the hamlet

  • Passikudah Beach Hotels - Hotels in Passikudah Beach - Passikudah Hotels in Passikudah beach - Passkudah Beach Hotels - Beach Resorts in Passikudah

    Passikuda Beach

    Pasikuda, meaning “green-algae-bay” is situated in Eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka between Kalkuda and the Indian Ocean, approximately 35 kilometers from Batticaloa Town. The turquoise blue waters of the bay attracts local and foreign tourist to this wide sandy place under the hot tropical

  • Hotels in Rann - Ranna Hotels - Beach Hotels in Ranna - Ranna Beach - Beach Villas and Bungalows in Ranna - Ranna Private Beach Villas

    Ranna Beach

    A sleepy off the track hamlet, famous as a secluded beach and ideal as a honeymooner’s getaway with strolls down almost six kilometres of beach hand in hand, famous for turtle landings, it is known that adjoining Rekawa beach is frequented by four of the six known types of turtles in the world.

  • Tangalle Beach Hotels - Beach Hotels in Tangalle - Tangalle Beach Resorts - Beach Hotels in Tangalle - Hotels in Tangalle - Tangalle Beach - Beach Tangalle Hotel

    Tangalle Beach

    The resort township of Tangalle, lying in the Deep South with nothing between it and Antarctica has some of the most beautiful un-crowded beaches in the island from Pallikkudawa to the famous pigeon bay with a small rocky islet off to a side to which one could walk over, where on one side...

  • Hotels in trincomalee - trincomalee Hotels - Hotels in Trincomalee - trincomalee Beach Resort and Hotels - Trincomalee Beach

    Trincomalee Beach

    One of the finest natural deepwater harbours in the world, located in the eastern seaboard of Sri Lanka approximately 245km from Colombo. There is an account of “Gokanna”, as it was known during the Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa period, attracting great sea fares in the calibre Marco Polo and Ptolemy...

  • Unawatuna Beach - Unawatuna Beach Hotels - beach Hotels in Unawatuna - Beach resorts in Unawatuna - Unawatuna Beach Hotels and Resorts - Unawatuna Beach - Beach Unawatuna - unawatuna Hotels

    UnawaTuna Beach

    Two kilometres away from Galle is the famous beach resort town of Unawatuna, popular with foreign & local tourist alike for its placid turquoise blue sea, a fine reef for snorkelling also the only spot where one could spot whale shark, the largest know fish in the world and not a shark, and one should also know that sharks are unheard of in Sri Lankan waters.

  • Hotels in Weligama - Weligama Beach - Weligama Beach Hotels - Beach Hotel Weligama - Weligama Beach Hotels Best Beach Hotels in Weligama - Hotels in Weligama Beach

    Weligama Beach

    The Chronicles gives an interesting account of “Mahavalukagama” meaning big sandy city, today known as Weligama, where King Parakramabahu I sent his general, Rakkha to suppress the southern province, and the city has always been a port city with its half moon bay where many a ship anchored from time immoral.  When approaching this picturesque Baytown in the Southeast