Best things to do in Sri Lanka

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Best things to do in Sri Lanka

Best Things to Do in Sri Lanka

What's on the dish, as a holiday destination Sri Lanka has so much to offer, whether it's a tropical sandy beach vacation, wildlife safari tour, a tour of mystical ancient ruin dominated north central plains, an alluring adventure tour, or wedding and Honeymoon tour to an enchanting hotel in Sri Lanka, and is one of the best destinations where one can do all this with a very short tour, a Smörgåsbord of tropical delights in the way of lobster, lagoon crab, and prawn to name a few, all cooked in the fiery Sri Lankan style. Sri Lanka has many things to feast and even more things to do.

With miles of wide sandy beaches in Sri Lanka, it is more than a little tough to select where you want to go as many beaches will vie for your attention, and is an ideal getaway destination for those searching for sun and fun. The South west coast of Sri Lanka, though little crowded, is famous for its beaches, coral reefs in close proximity to the shores and ideal for snorkelling, diving among a long lost wreck now a paradise to a multitude of sea life. And if you are seeking a remote and secluded beach, the ones in the Deep South and East of Sri Lanka are the best. Sri Lanka is one on the best places to see the Big 04, elusive Sri Lankan leopard, elephant, bear & whale, whether in "Willpattu" National park, a habitat similar to the everglades in the north or "Yala" National Park, in the south or one of the many other national parks that lie in between. Catch a camp safari tour or a jeep safari tour to witness the elephant and Sri Lankan Leopard, or the black bear. Take a boat tour to see the spinner dolphins or a Blue whale pod in Mirissa in the South, Kalpitiya in the North West or Trincomalee in the East coast. Take an alluring cultural tour along the cultural triangle, be awed by what had been achieved nearly two millennia ago by this small island nation, tour around ancient mystical ruins standing stupendous and silent, as they had for two millennia through foreign invasion and jungle growth, to await the day that they once again would reveal the magnificence to the world as they do today, walk along the immense earthen bunds across many miles forming reservoirs so large that they make even the modern engineer wonder how all of it was achieved. Sri Lanka is an island with endless best things to do when you are on tour in Sri Lanka.

Take an adventure tour, kite surfing available at most beach locations in the south west coast or carry your own kite surfing gear, great weather throughout November to April in the western seaboard makes it an ideal stretch for kite surfing from Mt. Lavinia in Colombo to Hambantota in the deep south. An excursion that has caught on fast with locals and tourists alike is hot air ballooning, nothing beats a hot air balloon excursion across the central plains. Hot air ballooning tours available from the north central plains of the island and be carried away under blue skies and over the landscape dotted with many little man-made lakes and ancient monuments, exchange vows and get married in the air, in a hot air balloon! Take trekking tour through the tropical jungle filled with fauna and flora endemic to Sri Lanka, take enchanting a walk to a misty waterfall, tour Sri Lanka as a wedding or honeymoon getaway, take a tour on a nostalgic steam train, itself a reminder of an era gone by, past scenic landscapes and mosaics of lush green paddy fields, snorkel on a tropical shallow coral reef or take a boat tour and dive looking for old shipwrecks, one of the most famous being the WWII British aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, meet the aboriginal people of Sri Lanka the "Veddhas" and learn their ways of life which hasn't changed for a millennia, only very few countries in the world can offer this sort of an assortment in such a small land.