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Sri Lanka Bird watching Tours

Birds of Sigiriya

If you love observing the feathered kind spending long hours in the lush green, then you must certainly be a birding enthusiast! Sri Lanka known as a birder's paradise is blessed with 439-recorded bird species, of which 33 are endemic, 236 resident and 203 migrants. Furthermore this richly bio-diverse tropical island has been recognized as one of the ten global bio diversity hot spots in the world.

The Sigiriya Bird Sanctuary surrounding the famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is an excellent birding destination that's less busy and undisturbed. With over 5000 hectares of dense forest and many natural watercourses it offers the perfect environment for its resident and migrant bird population.

An expert Naturalist, with immense knowledge about both fauna and flora, speaking English, will accompany you on the trail that takes you into the heart of the jungle. Augmented with insider info on bird behavior and likely habitation spaces, he will help you identify and spot birds by their calls. Some of the species to be observed here include both endemic and migratory birds namely Orange Headed Thrush, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Pitta, Indian Blue Chat, Eagle Owl, Shahin Falcon, Ceylon Grey Hornbill and much more.

A 45 minute drive away is Habarana another popular birding destination. With its forest canopies and many lakes making it another hotspot where birding opportunities are a plenty. This includes the Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill, Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Red Vented Bulbul and the Black Hooded Oriole amongst many more.

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