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Food tours in Sri Lanka

Markets and cooking experience with a local family in Kandy

The gourmet adventure begins at the Kandy Market where shopping for fresh veggies, fish, meat or poultry is done in traditional style. Stroll through the conventional ‘Pola’ or market place where a wide variety of vegetables, green leaves, fruits, fresh herbs and spices are appealingly laid out in colorful rows. After buying everything needed for a truly wholesome meal, head for the countryside to a wattle and daub cottage situated on top of a mountain.

Enjoy nature from the open veranda while sipping refreshing fresh fruit juice. Stroll around the property enjoying nature, see the birds and squirrels and monkey too (if you are lucky enough).

Don’t take long to visit the kitchen where a typical Sri Lankan meal is being prepared using the fresh and wholesome produce purchased at the market. Get involved in the fun process of cutting, chopping of the veggies, grinding of the herbs, pounding of the spices and scraping of fresh coconut. Watch closely how each dish is prepared using just the right amount of spices and herbs so as to preserve the nutrition and goodness. Interestingly the meal is prepared in a typical outdoor tabletop with the birds, squirrels and even the monkey watching from not too far away. (Take care of the food or you will find the cute squirrels and the cheeky monkeys carrying it all away.)

Observe how the coconut milk is extracted and poured over the curries that are being cooked in terracotta clay pots on a crackling wood hearth. Learn some interesting facts and even some secret tips about traditional Sri Lankan cooking. With the mouth watering aromas wafting from the kitchen, you’re probably hungry already.

Enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan meal seated out on the open-to- nature dining area.