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Kandyan Culture Walk with a Villager

Morning cultural walk with a lady guide in Kandy

An early morning stroll through the Village of Kobbekaduwa is something worth experiencing. Mist capped mountains with the sun coming through slowly, the cool breeze, the melodious sound of bird song, the children on their way to school and the villagers indulging in their regular morning chores.

After a hot cup of tea at the mud house set out on foot to explore the sleepy village as it wakes up from its slumber. Walking up the rough mountain footpaths we would see the spot called “ Wesamuni Linda” where a tragic incident in history took place, though now it is an abandoned piece of land with a discarded well, with no signs of any human activity at all. Next we would visit the “Monahera Peela” or natural water sprout, supposedly the spot where the King of Gampola (1344 – 1353) used to stop to refresh when he visited the village with his entourage. On our way we would stop to talk to the villagers, observe the spice and fruit trees, do a bit of bird watching and maybe say hello to the monkeys too. Our next stop would be at the 600 year old Ancesteral Kandyan Mansion that has been built in harmony with its surroundings, with plenty of spice and fruit trees in its sprawling garden. Experience a bygone era as you walk through the corridors of time listening to stories that are entwined with the lives of its occupants. Sit down for a cup of green leaf porridge and a quick snack after which we commence our walk to “ Nelli Gala” – the Mountain Temple. (Be prepared for a moderately strenuous climb through narrow footpaths on the way up to the mountain temple.) On arriving at the peak that promises a 360-degree panoramic view of the Kandyan countryside. Listen to the peeling temple bells and the chanting, spend some time in quiet contemplation before we trek back to the Mud House where a delicious traditional breakfast awaits to appease the hunger pangs of the returning visitors.

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