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Afternoon cultural walk with a lady guide in Kandy

Afternoon cultural walk with a lady guide in Kandy

Set out an intriguing cultural walk early evening with the objective of meeting the village people, visiting their humble abodes, chatting with them, seeing what they do for a living and maybe have a cup of tea with them. Most females in the village if not working elsewhere indulge in cottage industries so as to sustain the family income. Hats off to them for their courage and determination!

While enjoying the evening breeze and the serene environment walk through the footpaths and thick greenery observing the fauna and flora around.

Watch how an entire family engages in producing incense sticks with the mother taking the lead in the production and the father marketing the product. Some of the cottage industries include the weaving of reed baskets and mats, making of traditional sweets, home gardening and the production of Kitul jaggery and treacle. You may also have the opportunity to witness the tapping of the Kitul (Fishtail Palm) sap with the tapper climbing the tree that might be close to 40 feet in height with the aid of a wooden ladder tied on one side where he makes sharp incisions at the base of the cluster of flowers, where a container is attached to collect the sap. The sap is collected over several days before it is made into Kitul Syrup or Jaggery. You may also buy some of the produce to take with you. The walk ends after enjoying tea served in one of the homes.

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