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Trekking in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Trek one of the finest natural rain forests in the world which has been identified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as being a Man and Biosphere Reserve. It’s probably one of the oldest living ecosystems, a place that certainly deserve a visit and a place that promises to lives up to its expectations.

Trek through dense greenery of lofty trees, intertwined with shrubs, woody climbers, vines and smaller trees, experience a hot-spot of endemic species which includes over 50% of Sri Lanka’s endemic trees and woody climbers, mammals, birds, butterflies, reptiles, insects and rare amphibian species.

This amazingly beautiful place is home to the Rusty spotted and Fishing cats, Sambar, Wild boar, Barking deer, Squirrel, Monkey, Porcupines and the rare Leopard amongst many other mammals and many reptiles such as Green pit viper, the hump nosed viper and the krait. The fascinating birdlife includes 160 species of which 18 of the 20 endemic species in Sri Lanka are found here.