Village bakery tour - Rural baking experience

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Village bakery visit

Village bakery visit to make your own buns and breads with a local lady guide in Kandy

Visit the Village Bakery, which is run by a family of four. The father who owns the bakery has been involved in this profession from when he was a teenager helping his father and comes with over forty years of experience in baking. The bakery has both traditional baking methods using wood fired ovens and the more modern electric ovens. The mother helps with the baking activities, while the teenage daughter mans the trading counter and the son undertakes the delivery to the village boutiques. The bakery visit starts early morning when you can witness the dough being kneaded, weighed and put aside for the making of assorted bakery products. Actively participate in making your own buns, jam tarts, bread rolls and other goodies. Watch the wood fired oven being lit up for the days baking and the loaded trays arranged inside. Come back later in the evening to see the baked products and check how good a product you had made yourself. Enjoy tea with freshly baked cakes, buns and bread rolls or choose to enjoy crispy bread baked in a wood fired oven (which is delicious and different with its smoky woody aroma and taste) for dinner.

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