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Visit to Galle Fort

Spend a few interesting hours exploring beautiful Galle a coast city situated in the southwestern tip of the island. It boasts of being an important historical landmark with its fortified city, built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and later developed in the 17th century, during the Dutch Colonial period. The Dutch Fort in Galle is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers. Take an exciting walk through this heritage site that boasts of a colourful history. Observe the many sites such as the Old Gate with the British Coat-of-Arms inscribed on it, the Old Dutch Hospital, the ramparts that run around the fortress with its excellent view of the ocean, the clock tower built in 1882, the light house built in 1939,the many bastions - each made for a specific purpose, Dutch colonial style houses with gables and verandahs, the Dutch Reformed Church built in 1640, the New Oriental Hotel, originally built in 1694, the National Maritime Museum and more. Next trek to the Galle Vegetable and Fish Market situated in the city center where vegetables of different shapes, sizes and colours, most native to Sri Lanka like the Banana Blossom, Breadfruit, Jak, Egg Plant, Drumsticks and Snake Gourd, a wide range of exotic fruits, along with plenty of native greens, herbs, spices all enticingly laid out in rows. Remember to talk to the vendors if you want to know more about the produce and learn the rule of thumb in choosing ‘just the right’ fruit or vegetable. Stop for a fresh drink at the King Coconut stand and buy some local sweetmeats to snack on the way. Next it’s the central fish market situated almost on the beach itself and if it’s an early morning expedition, then you can witness the fresh catch being brought in. Be awed by the vast variety of fish, crabs, lobsters, shrimp and even shark. Take your pick in any quantity you want, cleaned and sliced for convenience.