Hike off the beaten path during the season

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Hike off the beaten path during the season

Hike off the beaten path during the season

"Sri Paada" Peak Wilderness sanctuary is a natural reserve in Sri Lanka. It is the third largest (by area) of the 50 sanctuaries in the country. "Sri Paada" Peak Wilderness sanctuary is a tropical rain forest that spreads over a land of 224 square kilometers around the Sri Paada (Adam's Peak) mountain. A huge forest area that belonged to the Peak Wilderness was cut down and cleared during the British colonial rule in Sri Lanka (1815-1948) to gain land for the massive tea estates which are still functioning in Nuwara Eliya district. The remaining portion of the Peak Wilderness was declared a wildlife sanctuary on October 25, 1940.

The contours of "Sri Paada" Peak Wilderness vary from 1000 to 7360 feet above sea level. Therefore, it possesses unusual geographical formations compared to the other natural reserves of the island. Bena Samanala (6579 ft), Dotalugala, Detanagala, is some of the tallest mountains in the Peak Wilderness. It is also the birthplace of Kelani, Kalu, Walave rivers and many tributaries of the river Mahaweli which make waterfalls such as Dotalu falls, Geradi falls, Galagama falls (655 ft.), and Mapanana falls (330 ft.) inside the sanctuary.

Typical Itinerary

  • Arrival time will be 6.30 PM at the Nallathanniya trail head
  • Brief description of the route and the hike
  • Starting the hike at 6.45 PM
  • Estimated time to reach the top by 1.00 AM (Dinner will be provided)
  • Viewing the moment of sunrise from top of Adams peak.
  • Climbing down via Tea Estate and Woods by 6.30 AM (Breakfast will be provided)
  • Reaching the trail head by 9.30 AM

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