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Kitulgala Adventures

Kitulgala Adventures

A sleepy little hamlet in the foothills of the central plains, with one of the main rivers of Sri Lanka “The Kelani” flowing through the town wide and snappy, boast as one of the best adventure venues in Sri Lanka. Kitulgala is more famous as the location of “The Bridge on the river Kwai” acclaimed for winning no less than 07 academy awards in 1957 directed by David Lean.

Today the thrill seekers and the adventurous gather in Kitulgala to enjoy White Water Rafting or camping by a ravine or stream of which many are abound, along with many other opportunities whether they are adventure or leisure oriented.

This part of the river is speckled with rapids from class 1 to 3.5 during the rainy season and with the exception of the very smallest kids, everyone can enjoy a ride of their life adorned with life jackets and other safety gear. The tributaries of Kalani has an ample supply of small to medium scale waterfalls within this region making a paradise for waterfall abseiling, confidence jumps from a selected waterfall which are deemed safe by our experts and in ascending height till you reach your limit.

Take a river expedition down “Kelani” in true Livingston style minus the rifle, but with all necessary gear and food and have a picnic where you choose. Once you reach Avissawela, a town about 15 km away from starting point, let us take you back to your lodge/camp in the comfort of a mini bus.

Those of you who are captivated by rain forest trekking with a guide inside a unspoiled tropical rain forest and for a few die hard campers, the ultimate falling-water camp site within the rainforest located on the edge of a waterfall, note that this is not for the faint of heart, once the sunsets you are in a tropical evergreen jungle, with all that is abound in a nocturnal surroundings, with the noise of the falling-water next to your camp.

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