Cooking experience in Colombo

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Cooking experience in Colombo

Cooking experience in Colombo

Indulge in typical Sri Lankan cooking lessons that promise an authentic experience as well as a delicious meal. There is a wide menu to choose from in keeping with the mood and the moment. Get hands-on experience with an experienced and knowledgeable instructor and master finer points that help preserve the nutritive value and authentic taste, making it not only enjoyable meal but also a wholesome one.

Duration : 3 hours (2 hours class and one hour meal time )

Minimum 2 people

Itinerary of Cooking experience in Colombo

  • Duneeshya gives you the opportunity to learn the skill of authentic Sri Lankan cooking. When you visit Duneeshya's kitchen you are able to enjoy a real Sri Lankan meal. On offer are traditional Sri Lankan Lunch or Dinner preparation programs as well as traditional Sweetmeat preparation programs. All the ingredients are provided for the cooking lessons.

Regular Menu

  • Steam Rice, Dhal Curry, Beans curry, Gotukola sambol, Ambultiyal Fish, Coconut Sambol, and Watalappam for the dessert

1st Option: If the guest needs vegetarian menu it is possible to have following meal:

  • Steam Rice, Potato curry, Polos ( jackfruit curry) or Soya curry, Mallum, Coconut sambol, Beans curry or any other vegetable. with watalappam for the dessert

2nd Option: Evening Cookery class


A. Kottu (vegetable/chicken or cheese)

Chicken curry or Soya curry and Coconut roti with Lunumiris

Dessert: watalappam

B. Pittu with Kirihodi and Coconut roti, Fish ambultiyal or Chicken curry and Coconut Sambol

dessert : watalappam

C. Strong Hoppers with Potato curry or Dhal curry, Fish ambultiyal and Coconut Sambol and Coconut Roti

Dessert : watalappam

From US$ 38

We can tailor this trip to suit your requirements

Any aspect of the itinerary can be altered, from excursions to accommodation

The rate includes,

  • Lunch or Dinner
  • Cooking demonstration fee


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