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Doing a country walk

Taking a morning or evening country walk in the rural regions of Sri Lanka can be a truly fulfilling experience. It’s one of the finest ways to connect with the rural Sri Lankan people, their lifestyles, culture and habits and still more you get the opportunity to experience the countryside in its natural splendor. Take a country walk through the blissful byways and far-flung places of beautiful Bentota in the south coast of Sri Lanka. It’s a unique opportunity to be ‘Sri Lankan” for a day or two. Would you like to do the things the natives do, just like they do it themselves; do you like to stay the night in one of the rural homes, work in their home gardens, eat simple home cooked meals, take a river bath, try climbing a coconut tree, travel by public bus, watch coir being manufactured, visit the village temple and cross the river by ’Paaruwa’ – a large wooden raft like structure that transports people and light vehicles across the river. This is not all; the list is so long you might have to stay here for longer.

Does the thought of becoming ‘Sri Lankan’ appeal to you, stop thinking make it a reality! Remember Sri Lanka loves you!