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Indigenous Veddha Village Stay

It's all about spending some quality time in the backwoods of Sri Lanka with the Vedda People, the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. The Veddas are a native community believed to be decedents of Prince Vijaya (5th – 6th century BCE), the first recorded King of Sri Lanka.

Does the idea of camping out in the Veddah villages itself sound out of this world? Then join us on a memorable journey to the back of beyond. Your night out in the Veddah village will include your own private tent and flushable toilet and an independent kitchen where your meals will be prepared and served.

Meet and greet this forest dwelling people who endeavor to maintain their distinctive cultural identity and traditional lifestyles by living in mud huts, speaking their own distinctive Vedda language and engaging in some remarkable rituals and customs. Staying with the Veddha people in the remote village of Dambana would mean you get a closer opportunity to understand their culture and lifestyles. Trek through the jungle and see how they hunt using bows and arrows, harvest bees honey from the live honeycomb and indulge in fishing using pounded poison tree barks and plants as bait. Learn how they use the forest resources to provide for their food, clothing and medicine. Enjoy a meal of boiled yams and coal-cooked fish before inspecting the wide range of primitive tools and weapons on display. As the sun goes down get ready for some traditional Vedda dancing around the blazing campfire accompanied by folk music and singing. Remember to take some rare photographs of a rapidly disappearing community.