Treasure hunt in the wild - Sigiriya Treasure hunt - Treasure Hunt in the wild for kids

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Treasure Hunt in the wild for Kids

Go on an exciting treasure hunt through the jungle/ village path on an ATV/chally bike. Learn about nature and village life on your quest to find hidden treasure– This is an ultimate adventure for your kids. Let them join us in a true adventure while you enjoy your free time! Or come along!

Habarana is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike – an ideal destination for families wanting to play together in the outdoors. We explore this through a multitude of activities: hiking in the forests, swimming in the tanks (optional and not always possible due to weather), doing out door tasks, and traditional net fishing with a village fisherman, exploring the wildlife and searching for treasure. It is definitely the most unique and the best kids activities, so get ready to get wet and muddy. You will be riding an ATV/ challyBike/ hiking in the forest, while searching for treasureand learning about our surroundings and bird life (identifying local birds). Your children will reveal the mystery of lost treasure and will be the ones to find it. A great time for the whole family.