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Trekking in Knuckles Mountains

Do you love the rolling mountains; the burst of pure clean, fresh air, the misty heights and the spectacular mountain scenery? The Knuckles Mountain Range has it all and even more. It’s one of the finest destinations in Sri Lanka for an exciting backpacking adventure.

The Knuckles Mountain Range initially declared a Man & Biosphere Reserve was consequently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Natural Site in 2009 (along with two other sites) is one of Sri Lanka’s major eco-tourism destinations.

Are you ready to discover an exceptional bio-diversity hotspot of national and global importance? Be part of a unique forest reserve that’s home to many endemic and endangered species of fauna & flora.

With its numerous mountain trails, the Knuckles Mountain Range offers trekkers a great opportunity for a hike across dense forests, gushing rivers, cascading waterfalls, verdant tea plantations and terraced paddy fields with the opportunity to pitch camp under the stars.