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Volunteer at a Speak-in-English Class in Kandy

Volunteer at a 'Speak-in-English' Class in Kandy

Every Saturday evening a group of villagers (children and adults aged from 5 – 50 years) meet at the mud house for a two-hour session of active English speaking. It’s everybody’s desire to speak proper English fluently and this is exactly what happens here. It’s not anything like a school session; it’s a fun way of learning, filled with activities that focus on verbal thoroughness. The activities include games, story telling, role-playing, and speeches, sing songs, cooking sessions, debates, visits to interesting places and much more. As a means of encouragement the week’s most active participant is rewarded. You too can be part of this interesting program as a volunteer. Teach, talk, sing, play and be part of an investigative dialogue where a group of students ask questions about the visitor’s country and you in return ask them questions and finally pick the winning student. We also have a collection of English reading material donated by volunteers in the ‘booklovers corner’ for those interested in improving their English skills further.

This program asks for the active participation of guests and comes totally free of any charge! Your active participation will certainly give them the opportunity to converse with native English speakers in their eagerness to learn a second language.

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